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Clean Power for Communities

Cygnus Atratus Limited is a UK based 'biophilic' fuel cell and hydrogen production technology developer.

The company was formed in 2009 to develop Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Production technology for third party fabricators we term Collaborative Manufacturing Enterprises or CMEs.

Cygnus Atratus provides support and intellectual property free of fees in partnership with independent enterprises, founded on the principle of community or regional fabrication of zero or negative carbon applications.

CMEs are currently operating in the UK and France and are open to formation in all countries anywhere on earth.

Cygnus Atratus works to bring fuel cell and hydrogen production to those wishing to generate energy for their communities. We base our technologies around collaboration and the pursuit of ethical, environmentally safe and economically stable services to benefit all. 

Cygnus Atratus Technology is designed and developed to encourage self-funded, vertical production, economically suited to meet the needs of communities in all environments, regardless of development or wealth. 

Our aim is to promote circular and economic enterprise for people supporting a healthy planet. Our technology and implementation model supports a just transition that meets all SDG's.

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